Concept album artworks and publication design for Socionic’s debut album, Identity.

Concept album art, including visual artworks to accompany each song on the "Identity" release and packaging for LA based progressive/metal/rock band.

Creative Direction: Michael Meinhart/Socionic
Art direction, Digital Artist, Publication Design: Valp Maciej Hajnrich


Illustrations for Concept Album


Illustrations for each song from the Identity: "Epiphany", "Ignorant Idiot", "Prodigal", "Aisa Morta" and "Stain Serenity".


Packaging and Merchandise Design


Album Art Creation Process


First work-in-progress version and more references for detail execution.


All illustrations were completed in Photoshop only (no 3D software) with photomanipulation and digital painting techniques.

Poster size vs. Cover/booklet

Poster size vs. Cover/booklet