Digital Art Step-by-Step


Within these video courses you will learn how to use photomanipulation and digital painting techniques to create digital artworks. Each course is dedicated to a specific topic and while all of them are focused on Photoshop there are also other applications, such as IllustratorCorel Painter 2015 or Poser 10.

Scroll down for more details about each course and start with the one that suits you. After all, don't hesitate to ask questions, comments or requests – just get in touch.

All my Photoshop video courses are currently available on Pluralsight (previously Digital Tutors).



Adobe CC Mastering Skills for Creative Print Design

In this course, Adobe CC Mastering Skills for Creative Print Design, you will learn how to work for print - from color management, through controlling high-resolution to saving files for print. You'll start with discussing integrity between Photoshop and Illustrator and setting up coherent workspace and color management for working for print. Some of the key takeaways include learning how to create dynamic composition in Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC, including photo-manipulation techniques and creating multiple layouts with stylized special effects. By the end of this course, you will be able to create, from scratch, print ready dynamic layouts themed with futuristic digital illustration. Software required: Photoshop CC 2015, Illustrator CC 2015.


Implementing Bas-Relief Techniques in Photoshop and Illustrator

Pick up a new style for your fantasy art.

In this Photoshop and Illustrator tutorial, we'll learn to create 2D artwork inspired by ancient mythology and apply perspective to our design. 

We'll learn how to paint a fantasy scene from scratch in Photoshop. We'll use digital painting and photo-manipulation techniques to work with textures. We'll also create some effects in Corel Painter to boost our artwork. Some of the key takeaways include learning how to create vector designs from scratch, add perspective and work with vector smart objects, paint bas-relief details and add glow effects, work with color correction layers and add atmospheric effects. 

By the end of this Photoshop and Illustrator training, you'll be more comfortable creating fantasy scenes with bas-relief effect to apply to your own vector design.


Creating Artistic Playing Cards in Photoshop

Learn multiple techniques for your digital artwork.

In this Photoshop tutorial, we'll learn how to create playing cards in Photoshop. We’ll use photo manipulation, digital painting techniques and will add special effects with some new brushes in Painter to complete our digital artwork. 

We’ll also learn basic graphic design techniques for creating card ornaments before using Illustrator to create the back of the card as well as printing template file. Some of the key takeaways from this tutorial include learning how to blend photographs with digital painting, working with mirrored compositions to create double sided, poster sized playing card artwork, and organizing files to create various overlapping details. 

By the end of the Photoshop training, you'll be familiar with controlling lights and shadows, adjusting colors with color blends, as well as the various layouts and artistic possibilities in creating playing cards.



Blending 3D Models into 2D Digital Paintings in Photoshop

Effectively composite 3D models into Photoshop.

In this Photoshop tutorial we are going to learn how to use photo manipulation techniques to blend a 3D model in a 2D digital painting. We'll create a head statue in Poser and bring it to Photoshop to create fantasy scene. We'll also design the fantasy landscape from scratch and use textures to create details in our artwork.

By the end of this Photoshop training, you'll be comfortable working with 3D models, using blending modes to create special effects, and implementing adjustment layers in postproduction.



Painting Mystical Concept Art in Photoshop

Learn new skills to digitally paint a FANTASY SCENE.

In this Photoshop tutorial we'll learn how to create surreal concept art with digital painting and photo manipulation techniques. We'll create a landscape scene from scratch, use images to create textures, and work with both Photoshop and Painter to create abstract special effects. We'll also learn how to use Painter’s new particle brushes for creating an eye catching fantasy scene. 

By the end of this Photoshop training, you'll be more knowledgeable of the different digital painting techniques you can use in both Photoshop and Painter.



Digitally Painting Vivid Illustrations in Photoshop

Learn how to create ABSTRACT DIGITAL ART.

Throughout these lessons we will learn how to work with digital painting and photo manipulation techniques in Photoshop. We will be creating an extremely vivid and colorful illustration. We will start with sketching a composition and then paint all elements from scratch. All the while manipulating them with abstract textures to create exciting digital artwork. 

By practicing your painting skills and working with blending modes you’ll be able to create unique pieces of digital artwork for your next project.



Designing a Surreal Skull in Photoshop

Utilize texture to create MORE UNIQUE DIGITAL PAINTINGS.

Throughout these lessons we will look at the steps required to paint a skull from scratch and how it will become one with a stone background. We will start by creating simple brushes that will help us when painting all the details, dynamic lightning and reflections in our scene. Along the way we will add various objects, such as flowers and a spooky eye and will add special effects to complete our unique underground concept.

By the end of this tutorial you will have a solid understanding of how to use your digital painting skills and how to make good use of different textures for creating unique artwork.



Creating Stylized Digital Artwork in Photoshop

Work with photos and digital paintings TO CREATE ABSTRACT ART.

Throughout these Photoshop tutorials we'll learn how to create abstract digital art by working with photographs and digital painting. We'll create an underwater scene using various images. We'll enhance those photos using abstract elements in both Photoshop and Corel Painter

Lastly, we'll learn how to use Corel Painter’s new particle brushes for creating eye catching special effects in our scene. By the end of this Photoshop training, you’ll be able to make interesting stylistic effects more easily and take your creativity even further.



Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask!