Series of self-initiated projects.
Above: Patience



Part of 'Music Lover/s', a self-initiated project focused on expressing nature of selected music genres. 



Discovering distinction of silence with abstract visuals.



One day I asked myself, "what if (sport) jerseys were created with an artistic approach?"
With a unique mixture of various inspirations: from botanical illustration, art-deco typography, double exposure portraits to abstract art —  and a little bit of best rock music, for sure — Abstranical is my reply to this question.

Valp - Wonder 8 (mockup).jpg
Valp - Live 4ever (mockup).jpg
Valp - Sense 7 (mockup).jpg
Valp - Break 3 (mockup).jpg
Valp - Another 1 (mockup).jpg


Self-initiated series of artworks representing portraits inspired by various styles of electronic music.

Listen to my >Kaleii< playlist on Spotify.

Valp - Kaleii_Analog (mockup).jpg
Valp - Kaleii_Vision (mockup).jpg

All-Star 2016

Selected fan-art illustrations created to celebrate NBA All Star weekend 2016.

Note: Some imagery is used for artwork presentation only. Copyright of original images belongs to their respective owners. Not for resale.