Cypher 16 — The Great Surveyor

Cypher 16 — The Great Surveyor


The Great Surveyor.

Cypher 16

Debut album art for emerging British metal band.

Creative Direction: Jack Doolan/Cypher16
Art direction, Digital Artist, Publication Design: Valp Maciej Hajnrich


Cover art and booklet/promo illustration.


Album art creation process.

Artworks represents bands vision for titled character, The Great Surveyor.  

Besides of taking sketches I took some photos to find out how the Great Surveyor should feel like. Finally decided to use Poser for creating initial pose and then digitally painted all clothes and roots and photomanipulated landscape in the scene.

Used software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Poser and lot of rock/metal music on the playlist.


First sketches - cover proposals. Next: early work-in-progress versions for both cover illustrations.
Photo shooting (ref pose) and renders for final character.

Also some of my test prints vs final product. Checking typography and placement for "Caste" artwork. Finally, it appears in the booklet and back of the packaging includes tracklist only.


Publication design.


Final digipack packaging with booklet and cd label.