Valp Maciej Hajnrich is Graphic Illusionist;
full time freelance digital artist, art director, illustrator, concept artist and digital painter based in Katowice, Poland.

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Call me maybe +48 501 343 648

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“Even if you don’t recognise his name, you’ll probably be familiar with Valp’s artwork. Characterised by bright colours and a vibrant energy, the creations of the self-styled ‘Graphic Illusionist’ are unlike anything his contemporaries are doing – and have featured on websites, album covers, TV adverts and even London buses.

His work ranges from high-profile international campaigns to smaller, local commissions, and he counts ESPN The Magazine, Western Digital, Warner Bros., Fondation Française des Jeux and Kraft Foods among his clients. In the last few years his success has gathered pace, and probably his most impressive – and best known – works are his illustration for the musical Priscilla – Queen of the Desert and the stunning underwater visuals for Pendulum’s new Immersion album.”
Ruth Stokes, Wizz inflight magazine

Valp's work has received considerable recognition, featuring in Digital Arts, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Practical Photoshop, Los Logos, Aktivist and Wizz inflight magazine, among others. He has a passion for his chosen vocation – and what began as a hobby 15 years ago has grown into a fulfilling career. The self-taught artist takes his inspiration from the visuals in the world around him – from static to motion, ancient to contemporary – and uses a combination of photography manipulation and hand-drawn effects to make his ideas a reality. He extensively researches every piece he is commissioned for to ensure the right effects are achieved and the correct message conveyed.

In his spare time, he works on personal creative projects, experimenting with style and technique. He is also member of Depthcore digital arts community.

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Mugshot illustration based on a photo by Loic Sattler

All artworks are copyrighted. Please don't reproduce without written permission of Valp Maciej Hajnrich.
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Advanced Photoshop — Der Bearbildbeiter — Digital Arts

Behance Portfolio Review 2014, Kraków, Poland

2014 /
Advanced Photoshop #119 – Tutorial

2013 /
Book: Adobe Master Class: Photoshop Inspiring Artwork and Tutorials by Established and Emerging Artists, Ibarionex Perello
Advanced Photoshop #116 – Expert tutorial
Advanced Photoshop #112 – '15 Tips for Proffestional Designers'
Advanced Photoshop #111 – 'How I Made' – Epiphany
der Bildbearbeiter 04/2013 – Mother Earth workshop
der Bildbearbeiter 03/2013 – 'Out of Space' interview
Advanced Photoshop #105 – 'Dynamic Sports Art'

2012 /
Practical Photoshop Polska – interview and cover art
Photoshop Creative – online interview
Pracical Photoshop #11 – Interview and feature
Advanced Photoshop #93 – 20 Killer Tips From KDU Artists

2010 /
Book: Heibosha Dictionary of Today’s Design
Armada Skis online – featured artist
Digital Arts – Immersion tutorial
Wizz Air Magazine – interview
Advanced Photoshop #72 – Immersion interview
Digital Arts online – Immersion interview
Advanced Photoshop #71 – cover artwork
Web Magazine #121 – cover artwork & interview
dpi #129

2009 /
Book: Crossover Design Book, Cypi Press/NewWebPick
Advanced Photoshop #62 – 'Music Industry'
DesignTaxi – front seat interview
Web Designer #159
Digital Arts

2008 /
Book: Los Logos 04, Die Gestalten
A5 Magazine #05
PSDTuts interview
FormatMag.com Top 10 Design Moments

2007 /
Book: Design Elements: A graphic style manual, Timothy Samara, Rockport Publishing
UCE Life Magazine
Format Magazine #22 Interview
A5 Magazine #03
The Royal Magazine Interview
Summer Solstice & Winter Solstice Book by KDU & Proof7
Computer Arts Projects #98 – Showcase

2006 /
NWP E-zine #05, #07 – Interview, showcase
Identita Book – Czech Republic Poster Biennale

2005 /
HEAD Magazine #16, #33
Pergamina #2
Zupi #1 & Zupi. Is Art.