I Create Art for Music

and beyond.


Hi, I'm Valp.

A freelance art director, graphic designer and digital artist with over 10 years of experience.

I'm passionate about creating artworks for either local musicians or worldwide brands. I've been working for clients such as Red Bull TV, CD Projekt RED, WB Games, ESPN The Magazine and WWF just to name a few.

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Album Art, Illustration and Digital Paintings



Album Art

Best selling records made from scratch.


Series of self-initiated projects.





Discovering distinction of silence with abstract visuals.

 Brennan Heart @ Weekend Festival 2017. Artwork "Fly" used on a Future Stage backdrop design.

Brennan Heart @ Weekend Festival 2017. Artwork "Fly" used on a Future Stage backdrop design.



With a unique mixture of various inspirations: from botanical illustration, art-deco typography, double exposure portraits to abstract art —  and a little bit of best rock music, for sure — Abstranical is my way of making artistic sports jerseys.

Valp - Wonder 8 (mockup).jpg
Valp - Live 4ever (mockup).jpg
Valp - Sense 7 (mockup).jpg
Valp - Another 1 (mockup).jpg
Valp - Break 3 (mockup).jpg


Self-initiated series of artworks representing portraits inspired by various styles of electronic music (+playlist).


Sport Illustration

Selected artworks created for ESPN The Magazine, FFDJ and other.


ESPN The Magazine cover artwork


Kaleii x All-Star Fan-art illustrations created to celebrate NBA All Star weekend 2016. Note: Some imagery is used for artwork presentation only. Copyright of original images belongs to their respective owners. Not for resale.


Digital Paintings


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